Copy of Milk Bottles from Alex Baird

Copy of Milk Bottles from Alex Baird

Bigger Branded Bottles

AB Handling has re-designed and extended our glass milk bottle range. No longer are you stuck with just the single pint bottle, our milk bottle range has grown to include 1-litre & 2-litre glass milk bottles. Perfect for families, great for the environment, and available by the pallet with excellent bulk discounts. Got milk? Get bigger glass milk bottles.

We also supply a wide range of milk bottle crates for safely transporting, storing, and stocking your new glass milk bottles. 


Thanks to our in-house bottle branding facilities, we can help you show off your branding on your glass milk bottles.

We can help design & supply a label for your bottle, and get it printed all in-house.

Give your bottles a personalised touch your customers will remember, with bottle branding from AB Handling.

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Help your customers remember where their delicious milk came from.

We can brand each glass bottle with your logo and contact details, reminding customers - and their neighbours - where those bottles on the doorsteps come from, and how they can get in touch with you to get more!

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