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A Wide Variety of Milk Crates

A recommended local milk crate supplier should be able to offer their clients a range of options to choose from when it comes to buying milk crates online. Knowing that our clients want milk crates made specifically to suit their individual needs, Alex Baird & Sons supplies three different types of quality milk crates.

Whether you're looking for classic strong and secure milk crates you can use for multiple purposes, or if you require something a little more lightweight for transporting, Alex Baird & Sons have you covered.

If you're not sure which kind of milk crates will best suit your needs, you can read below to find out more about each type of milk crate we supply. These crates include our traditional milk crates, our strong lightweight milk crates, and our multi-trip milk crates.

The Traditional Milk Crate

There's a reason people keep coming back to buy regular common milk crates, they do what they do well. If you're looking for a simple and easy way to securely transport and store your milk supplies, these are the crates for you. Not only are you getting them at a fantastic price with Alex Baird & Sons, you won't find higher quality milk crates anywhere else.

And remember, they are also available in a range of different colours, so you can organise them effectively in your workplace.

The Strong Lightweight Milk Crate

These milk crates are a fantastic choice if you're looking for a stronger and more lightweight alternative to the regular milk crate. This is great for transporting milk supplies over long distances where extra security and less weight are more convenient.

These fantastic milk crates are also available in a range of colours, so be sure to choose whatever colour you like at checkout!

The Multi-Trip Milk Crate

The multi-trip milk crate was designed to be compact and to reduce the need for extra packaging, something that could end up being very expensive. Instead, you can buy some multi-trip milk crates from Alex Baird & Sons and save money on packaging and security.

These popular milk crates are very much the next step in providing great ways to store and transport milk supplies, as well as other common products such as beer bottles.

Simply Order Online

Once you've chosen a quality milk crate type to suit you, it's simple and easy to order them through our website. Within a few clicks, your crates can be ready to be shipped to you in no time at all, it's as simple as that.

As ever, if you have any questions please don't hesitate to get in touch with us, Alex Baird & Sons is always delighted to hear from you.

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