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Our New Glass Milk Bottles - Bigger, Better, and Branded!

As technology develops, we often yearn for a taste of the old ways. The Kindle for example brings us thousands upon thousands of books on a tablet device but we still love the feel and smell of a book in hand. At Alex Baird we think milk is the same; rather than plastic packaging, an ice cold glass bottle of milk always tastes best with your cereal or morning coffee.

The Humble Glass Milk Bottle

Although the traditional glass bottle pint of milk is a popular option, many modern consumers, particularly young families, find traditional pint bottles small and insufficient compared to the larger plastic jugs easily available from supermarkets. Having multiple glass bottles doesn’t make sense in terms of fridge space so there isn’t a suitable alternative to plastic for milk distribution, consumption, and storage. Or, that is to say, there wasn’t.

Glass Bottle Half Empty, or Glass Bottle Half Full?

Alex Baird Handling are introducing new single pint, one litre, and two litre glass milk bottles for sale to producers and retailers, in addition to the traditional one pint glass milk bottle. All our glass milk bottles are created to order. These new glass milk bottles can be personalised with branding and different coloured tops, and provide a fully-scalable alternative to current pint glass bottle options or 1 and 2 litre plastic milk cartons. Utilising these new bottles will allow retailers and producers to increase volume on milk delivery and appeal to young families and consumers concerned at their plastic usage.

Eco-Friendly Milk Bottles

The ever-popular traditional glass bottle of milk is a fresh and tasty alternative to more accessible and typically convenient plastic alternatives. It is also an eco-friendly step towards reducing plastic packaging and adopting a reusable option. Glass bottles can be recovered after use, cleaned, and re-used again and are 100% recyclable. It’s estimated 80% of recovered glass containers are made into new glass bottles. Plastic alternatives on the other hand can take up to 500 years to fully decompose.

There is growing concern over our carbon footprint and increasing the sustainability of our consumption. Comparably, glass is a significantly better proposition for the short and long term environmental impact of the milk we drink. As corporate social responsibility develops further to eco-friendly production, there is a growing wave of green-conscious consumers seeking out reusable, reclaimable, energy efficient alternatives in packaging. Alex Baird’s new range of increased volume glass milk bottles are an excellent step to increased eco-friendly consumption at both production and consumer levels.

1 Litre or Two: Delivering Your Milk Bottles

Whether the motivation for investing in our new range of single pint, 1 litre, and 2 litre glass milk bottles is environmental protection or to deliver a fresh and tasty product in a unique and delicious way directly to evolving consumer demographics, we believe the end result is the same. Alex Baird’s new range of glass milk bottles helps bring the nostalgia of the traditional glass milk bottle to today’s modern, eco-friendly consumer and their growing families. Better for the producer, better for the consumer, better for the planet; and the best way to enjoy your milk every day!

Plastic Milk Crates

Happy with your new glass milk bottles? We also provide a range of strong, lightweight milk crates to help store and transport your new milk bottles. Our full range of plastic crates are designed and moulded for a variety of bottle sizes and quantities. 

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