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Your Last Order Dates for Personalised Glass Milk Bottles

The final order date for our personalised glass bottle range for milk, cream, or yoghurts is the 15th of September, for delivery by 23rd November. If you are looking for our beautiful, bespoke glass bottles for your Christmas deliveries, you must order by this date to avoid disappointment. Whether producing a seasonal range of products, or anticipating an increase in dairy demand, don’t miss out on ordering your personalised glass milk bottles.

Personalised Glass Milk Bottles

Our single pint glass milk bottles are hugely popular. Easily reusable and environmentally friendly, glass milk bottles from AB Handling can be ordered as standard, or be personalised with your branding. Although standard bottles will be available up to Christmas (while stocks last) any branded bottles must be ordered by September the 15th. Whether it’s an ice cold litre bottle of milk on the breakfast table or that half full pint in the fridge, having your brand on the bottle keeps you in mind. As dairy operators, you know your product is unique, and having a personalised glass bottle helps remind your customer of that. Easily recognisable, a branded milk bottle truly elevates your dairy and produce.

Cream & Other Dairy Packaging

Stunning fresh dairy is seasonal all year round. At Christmas time however, added focus comes on to different ranges. Arguments over what the perfect festive dessert(s) are become commonplace, however there’s only one winner with the best accompaniment whatever the dessert: fresh cream. Making sure you have the packaging to showcase your cream is important as it sits on dinner tables around the country. Our personalised 200ml glass bottles are perfect for packaging, storing, and delivering fresh cream over the festive period. 

Our Glass Milk Bottle Range

Whatever your dairy produce, our range of glass bottles extends beyond “the normal range”. Our 200ml glass bottles are great for single serve milk or for cream. These bottles are also perfect for yoghurts. We supply a range of glass milk bottles in 500ml, single pints, 1 litre and 2 litre meaning regardless of the size of family or volume of use, there’s a container suitable. Not only superb for the environment and for re-use, the glass bottle helps keep your dairy produce cooler than plastic alternatives. It truly the staple of any household fridge across the country. 

Last Order Date for Personalised Glass Milk Bottles

All branded glass milk bottles required for Christmas must be ordered by the 15th of September for guaranteed delivery in the festive run up. Our team are working hard to fulfil all orders however supplier delays are anticipated with the pandemic. Whilst the standard, unbranded milk bottles will be available as stocks last, personalised bottles must be ordered now to avoid disappointment. 


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