AB Handling provide a range of support and handling equipment for busy airport terminals. Our luggage trolley prices start at £191.31 and are integral for fast moving airport environments. Volume discounts are available on our full luggage trolley and airport handling range. Available online now with free delivery, we provide high quality airport handling equipment for efficient functionality. 

Luggage trolleys are integral for any airport, allowing travellers to stow and manoeuvre bags and suitcases. Trolleys come with 3 or 4 wheels. Our range also includes duty free shopping trolleys which are ideal for shoppers to carry high value items securely in tight spaces. The sturdy build of these trolleys make them easy to handle for smaller sized and busy stores. Priced from £151.00, roll cages are extremely useful for mass stock storage and turnover. Our roll cages have 3 or 4 sides and can have optional shelving. 

Our exclusive airport handling range can provide ideal support for any busy airport.

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