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Bespoke Glass Manufacturing

We are an experienced glass packaging manufacturer and offer glass bottles made from scratch to fit your needs.

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How does it work?

We manufacture only the highest quality, bespoke glass bottles and jars to suit your requirements.

Thanks to our robust and durable moulds, we can produce White and Amber glass products in bulk at a lower cost.

Tailored Production

Tailored production runs from 21 pallets

The quantity will vary depending on the size of the bottle or jar.

We produce high-quality glass bottles and jars ranging in volumes from 10ml to 2 litres.

Custom Drawings

At AB Handling, we can also create a custom specification drawing for your new bespoke bottles or jars.

Our in-house team can create specification drawings from scratch if you are unable to provide one, to help you achieve your glass products in the way you want to.

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Bespoke Moulds

We offer moulds that can be re-used for glass bottle and glass jar production. Our moulds are the perfect solution to mass manufacturing high-quality glass products.

Each mould costs as little as £1500. 

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Your Branded Bottles

Help your customers remember where their delicious milk came from.

We can brand each glass bottle with your logo and contact details, reminding customers - and their neighbours - where those bottles on the doorsteps come from, and how they can get in touch with you to get more!

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