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Four Advantages of Choosing Alex Baird & Sons Over the Alternative

Anyone who has ever ordered supplies from Alex Baird & Sons in the past will know why so many people choose us over the alternative; our level of service simply can’t be beaten.

Being established in the dairy trade since 1947 means that we’ve picked up a lot of experience as to what makes the perfect milk crate and milk trolley supplier. With that experience under our belts, we’ve developed our service to be a cut above the rest.

There are a great number of reasons as to why it’s always a better idea to choose a well-established milk crate and milk trolley supplier over a less reputable supplier. With that in mind, here are four advantages of choosing Alex Baird & Sons over the alternative.

Get Better Quality Supplies

It almost goes without saying that the very best reason to choose Alex Baird and Sons over the alternative is for the highest quality dairy trade supplies you can buy in Scotland. Our team are constantly working to bring you only the finest milk crates and sturdiest milk trolleys, among our large range of other useful products.

If product quality is your main priority, which it should be, then look no further than our product catalogue.

Get More for Your Money

Being in the dairy trade for so long means getting the latest and greatest products from manufacturers and making savings in the process, our team then pass these savings onto you as our client.

Don’t pay a fortune for milk crates that will last you a few months, get milk crates that’ll last for the long-term at a bargain price with Alex Baird & Sons.

Get a Speedy Delivery Service

Anyone who has ever ordered anything online knows the feeling associated with waiting days on end for your new products. However, you don’t have to wait long when you order from us as we offer a completely free 48-hour delivery service; it’s our way of saying thank you.

Why wait sometimes over a week for milk trolleys from another supplier when you can get them in a matter of hours with Alex Baird & Sons?

Get a First-Class Customer Service

Our dedicated team put in the effort to ensure that every single one of our clients gets a positive, efficient, and fuss-free service when ordering quality supplies from our store. With decades of experience behind us, we believe we’ve developed the skills to deliver a gold-standard customer service with every order.

Choose a well-established milk crate supplier for the customer service experience you deserve.

Choose Alex Baird & Sons Today

We simply cannot wait to prove to you that you've made a great choice when choosing us as your dedicated milk crate and milk trolley supplier. We do our very best with every order, no matter the client and no matter the circumstances.

Call our friendly team at 01698 429902 or send us a quick and secure email using our online contact form.

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