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Multi-Use Beer and Milk Crates

Trolleys4Milk aim to make their products as useful as possible for all clients, with that in mind, our popular plastic milk crates can be used for more than just milk.

While our milk crates were initially created and sold to aid in storing and transporting milk effectively and securely, they can also be used for other products like beer. This means that not only are our quality milk crates useful to those in the milk industry, they're also great for those using bottles, such as breweries.

No matter which kind of suitable product you work with, our milk crates are the perfect way to ensure your goods are safe, secure, and easy to transport. You'll soon see how much more safe and efficient work becomes when your employees are using milk crates that come recommended.

Below we'll take a look in detail at more benefits of a Trolleys4Milk milk crate.

A Range of Uses

Like we mentioned above, our milk crates may be specifically designed for milk cartons but there are plenty of other types of liquid containers that will sit nicely within our crates.

Our prime example of storing a different product in our milk crates is with beer bottles. Some of our clients purchase our useful milk crates to store beer bottles in for all lengths of transport. These make investing in milk crates a fantastic opportunity as their range of uses will have them paying for themselves within just a few uses.

Increased Efficiency

One of the best things about investing in quality milk crates – and milk trolleys! - is that they will increase your productivity and efficiency in the workplace. Whether your premises lie in a supplier's warehouse or the stockroom in a supermarket, using milk crates to store and transport your goods is the key to working quicker without needlessly expending more time and energy.

Be it moving crates of product down the aisle to replenish shelves or moving crates outside to be loaded into vehicles, milk crates make the whole process that much easier.

Promoting Organisation

One final use of our milk crates that you may not have considered is the fact that they can be used to aid organisation.

Trolleys4Milk offer milk crates of all different colours, remember this when you're at the checkout! By using different colours for different products, you can more easily keep the right stock together, This can be great if you have many similar products that are easy to mix up, like skimmed, semi-skimmed, and whole milk cartons.

Don't Hesitate, Order Today

Our milk crates are one of our most popular products, with many clients choosing them for their superior quality and value for money.

If you have any queries or questions, feel free to give Trolleys4Milk a call today, we are always happy to hear from you.

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