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Secure Crates for Alcohol Products

At Trolleys4Milk, we don't just supply useful and secure crates for transporting and storing milk cartons, we also offer the same fantastic product for beer bottles and wine.

Storage and transport of fragile goods is very important as no one wants damaged products coming into or leaving out of their workplace. Every product damaged is money wasted, that's why it's so important to only use high-quality wine and beer crates designed to keep your goods safe.

Wine and beer crates aren't just for safety, they're also the best possible way to move and transport these goods around. Be it storing and moving beer bottles within a supermarket storeroom ready to be placed onto the shelves, or be it a supplier getting their wine bottles ready for transport, quality beer and wine crates are the way to go.

Below we'll take a detailed look at some of the many advantages that wine and beer crates from Trolleys4Milk can offer you.

Specially Designed Crates

Both our popular beer crates and wine crates are specially designed to be loaded with standard bottle sizes used in the drinks industry.

Beer crates supplied by Trolleys4Milk are the perfect way to keep your beer bottles from being cracked or damaged in any way. This ensures they reach their destination is pristine quality, ready to be sold onto the general public in stores.

Our wine crates are similar to our beer crates in that they keep your wine bottles safe and secure from damage. Transporting your wine bottles quickly and safely has never been so simple!

Save Money on Packaging

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of investing in quality beer and wine crates is the massive savings on packaging. There's little need to buy and use shrink wrapping when you own enough quality beer and wine crates to store and transport your goods.

Because of the savings you'll be making, your new beer and wine crates will be paying for themselves in no time at all. Don't hesitate, order yours today.

Save Time & Space

Using our popular beer and wine crates is a fantastic way to save you time and storage space. Not only will your goods be that much easier to organise, load, and de-load off of transport, they will also become much more simple to organise. This is because these crates can be stacked, as well as the fact that they can be organised by colour.

That's right, Trolleys4Milk offers beer and wine crates in a range of colours, don't forget to specify which colour you would prefer at the checkout!

Order Your New Crates Today

Our beer and wine crates are a great addition to the workplace of anyone in the drinks industry, be you a supplier, producer, or a commercial store.

Get in touch with Trolleys4Milk today if you have any questions or queries, our team is always happy to hear from you.

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