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Chestnut Dairy Milk Trolleys

As a dairy closely connected with local community in East Yorkshire, Chestnut dairies, established in 1982, work with and buy from local dairy farmers. Once produced, Chestnut delivers to local Sainsbury’s stores and bakeries. To help with this delivery process, Chestnut Dairy required milk trolleys which could be easily transported directly from the dairy to the shop floor and moved safely and securely.

Yorkshire Dairy Produce

Chestnut Dairy truly focus on the local community, as farmers themselves they are able to develop a process with other local farmers to promote and champion the fine quality of dairy produce Yorkshire has to offer. When not working tirelessly to supply the locals with fine dairy produce, Chestnut also enjoy biannual get-togethers with the farming community to discuss the development of the milk industry and the most efficient methods of producing milk. Chestnut Dairy really do care about the best local produce and providing the highest quality to their customers.

How AB Handling Could Help

Alex Baird Handling’s 4 tier milk trolleys are carefully designed to fit with milk packing machines, ensuring they can be efficiently wheeled directly from dairy to shop floor without ever having to leave the milk trolley. This is ideal for quick turnaround and management of stock, and also means that anyone in the process chain - from production, transport, storage, or sale - can easily use and maneuver a milk trolley.

Requiring 250 milk trolleys, Chestnut Dairies were confident that Alex Baird Handling could produce the high quality service required for such a significant order to both time and budget. Each milk trolley is built to exacting specifications and, with proper care, will last a long time. This product quality faith means less money spent replacing items and is one of the main reasons Alex Baird Handling are highly regarded as industry experts in dairy operations equipment.

And How Can AB Handling Help You?

Contact Alex Baird Handling today to discuss your dairy operations requirements and we will be delighted to provide you a bespoke quote for the very highest quality equipment required.

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