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Plastic Bottle Carriers That Really Deliver

Whether you’re a milkman hand-delivering fresh milk daily or a pub owner collecting bottles and glasses, having the right carrier equipment is important. Poorly constructed carriers can cause bottle damage or difficulty for the user. That’s where AB Handling can help out. Our plastic bottle carriers really do deliver - in both quality and efficiency.

Bottle Carrier Uses

A bottle carrier is very simple - that’s the beauty of it. Rather than a list of features, a well constructed bottle carrier focuses on one, and can simplify many different jobs in different industries.

If you’ve had experience delivering milk bottles, you’ll know that it’s a very physically demanding job. Heavy lifting can cause back pain so carrying more weight than required and unnatural lifting positions should be avoided. A simple, 10 bottle hand carrier can help manage loads. Our bottle carriers have a robust build and elongated handle, meaning weight can be distributed more efficiently, making carrying milk bottles an easier task.

Any bottles can be handled in our plastic bottle carriers. Bottle carriers can be used for collecting bottles from supermarkets, for example multiple bottles of wine and soft drinks. During the pandemic, many of our customers are choosing our plastic bottle carriers to collect and leave bottled goods at doorsteps for vulnerable family or neighbours. As an added advantage, our plastic bottle carriers are easy to clean and disinfect.

Pubs / Bars
As we keenly wait to get back to pubs & bars, our plastic bottle carriers are useful for glass collecting and table cleaning on the move. Empty glasses can be stacked quickly in the container and moved to behind the bar or kitchen with ease, making the most of limited table capacity.

Strong & Sturdy Bottle Carriers

What makes our plastic bottle carriers better than a standard bottle crate for hand-held delivery is their deceptive strength & sturdiness. A multipurpose bottle carrier can carry 10 bottles at once and can be held in 1 hand. With 5 bottles on each side and a sturdy handle in the middle, weight can be evenly balanced in our plastic bottle carriers.

Available in black, blue, red, and green, our bottle carriers are built to last. The strong plastic composite can handle the weight and transport of 10 large bottles.

Plastic Bottle Carriers as a Delivery Option

Not only are our bottles carriers ideal for delivery and socially distant product collection, but they are easy to maintain during the pandemic. Easy to clean, our bottle carriers are a hygienic way to transport and deliver goods.

Bottle Carriers Built to Last

Using our plastic bottle carriers increases safety and efficiency. With good care, our bottle carriers will last many years. We also offer a range of bottle crates and milk crates for larger volume bottle distribution.

Buy your plastic bottle carrier today.

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