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What You Need To Know About Our Milk Bags

At AB Handling we offer a range of dairy solutions for farmers and businesses. A common way to hold and transport milk is with our single-seal and double-seal milk bags, also known as pergal bags.

Our milk bags have a 24-Pint (3 Gallon) capacity, and are available in transparent or blue plastic with a single or double seal.

pergal milk bags

What is a double seal pergal bag?

A double seal pergal bag has a dispenser tube attached to it. It is an environmentally friendly solution for the bulk storage and transportation of milk. With double seal pergal bags, once the cap has been inserted and double-clicked, it cannot be removed.

What is a single seal pergal bag?

With single seal pergal bags, the only difference is that the cap can be removed once inserted. These milk bags are a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to have your milk delivered, they are another ideal solution for the bulk storage and transportation of milk.

What material are pergal bags made out of?

Our new pergal bags are made up of 4 layers making them more durable, the new bags are made of NY15/PE45+PE45. In comparison, most current bags on the market are made of PE/PE material.

What are pergal bags used for?

Our pergal bags can be used with hot or cold liquid. For milk dispensers also known as milk coolers, these are an ideal eco-friendly solution used in breakfast service and catering, where large quantities of milk are used. The secure dispenser nozzle reduces mess and improves hygiene without having to constantly refill jugs.

Milk dispensers, commonly called milk coolers, are ideal for any cafeteria service. Designed to keep milk perfectly chilled and attractively merchandised while improving overall hygiene and reducing mess.

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